Monday, April 7, 2014

Overcome Fear - Linchpin Series Part 3

Safe on land, Newminder Nicolas Yarosz demonstrates the proper way to enter Lake Michigan as fellow Newminder James Duke looks on.

This is the third part of a 5 part series inspired by Seth Godin's book Linchpin. Be sure to catch up and read the first post with an overview of the 4 aspects of a linchpin.

Hit the Beach

Most of you can probably relate to this scenario: It’s a Saturday and one of the first hot summer days of the year. You’ve been dreaming of hitting the beach with your friends since the first few rays of spring sunshine. A few phone calls later, you and your best friends are packed in a car with the windows down, music blasting, speeding towards Lake Michigan or some other inferior body of water.

The excitement builds as the car screeches into a parking spot. Everyone jumps out and hauls over the dunes. You begin that tip-toe shuffle over the hot sand, shedding clothing piece by piece until you finally reach the shoreline.

And then you stop.

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