Monday, April 14, 2014

iPads vs. chromebooks in a 1:1 environment

"The future of books" by Johan Larsson

Many schools are looking into 1:1 programs and the specific devices that can make up the foundation of these programs. Having access to a personal Chromebook as well, I would like to share my experience as a student in a high school that is beginning a 1:1 program with iPads.

I am acutely aware of many of the curriculum changes that these programs require. The school that I attend chose iPads for their 1:1 program and over the past several months they have performed to expectations. Teachers have begun to utilize them in many classes while constantly combating the inevitable distraction that iPads games provide to some students. (If you were given the choice of participating in class or playing games, you would probably end up playing games in class once and a while too.)

Throughout the course of the year I have noticed many differences between Chromebooks and iPads in terms of usability and factors of physical form.

You can find out about these differences here.