Monday, February 24, 2014

3 Tips to make the most out of a conference or expo

Conferences can be daunting. Tons of people and vendors bombarding your senses. We’re going to be at 2014 MACUL Conference in March, presenting in a pre-conference session, where over 2000 educators will come together to exchange experiences teaching with technology and ~150 exhibitors will com together to share a ton of valuable info and we want to make sure you get everything you want from the event.

We reached to a few educators via twitter to find out what every Macul attendee should do. What we learned was a great set of tips that can help you get the most out of any event you attend.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Chromebook Updates [February 2014] - Deprovision a device, flash player security updates,

What events are you attending in 2014?

We just attended MACUL in Grand Rapids, MI and met hundreds of teachers that are passionate about integrating tech with education. Events can inspire and spread great ideas fast and we want to share the best events with you.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Data tells Secrets.

This is part 3 of my series on the minimal framework I use for managing small teams. It was originally published to my Medium blog. Checkout an overview of the framework in part 1 and a closer look at Priorities in part 2 if you have a minute.

Basic guidelines for measuring progress on your team’s priorities

Oh, Hi! Thanks for starting to read this post. Now stop reading and listen. Close your eyes if it helps.

What did you hear?

If you listen closely you can hear…. Data.

It is telling you secrets. Secrets about the health of your team. Secrets about your customers. Secrets about what is going to happen in the future.

Are you listening?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Google Apps Updates [February] - Send to G+ contacts, track doc changes, new sign-ing

Notable new features include:
  • Reach more people you know - Send email to G+ contacts
  • More easily track document changes - New activity stream in Drive
  • New sign-in page - New sign-on page rolls out
Full release notes below...

Newmind State of Google Apps 2014 Survey

We invite you to participate in the "State of Google Apps" 2014 survey. Join your peers in this anonymous survey and gain insights into:

  • Most popular integrations
  • Usage statistics
  • Device access trends

Ask your questions at the MACUL 2014 Conference rountable session

Join Newmind Group at the EDU Computing roundtable event, at MACUL Conference 2014 on March 12th, where you will have the opportunity to learn from other educators and education technology leaders. Learn “best practices” and share ideas and experiences with other Michigan public and private schools that have successfully deployed 1:1 programs in a roundtable discussion.

There are at least 10 expos a year in Michigan dedicated to the education space, not counting national expos. Due to the current technology environment all of them touch on technology in some way.

What does it usually look like? A schedule of sessions where a single speaker or pair of speakers give a presentation for 60min & impart information to session attendees.

Newmind has served more than 900 public and private sector clients across North America. These clients include over 300 schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations that have purchased Chromebooks, charging carts, and ChromeOS training. In all that experience we’ve learned that the more people who are able to contribute - more can be learned.

There are many schools in Michigan that have deployed 1:1 environments. Others have experience deploying network infrastructure and still others have great Professional Development programs. With all this experience, there are still schools that have yet to embrace technology, but they want to. What would happen if we put all the knowledge and curiosity into a room together?!

The EDU Computing roundtable event will be a live discussion where the attendees decide the topics discussed and also provide insights into technology solutions. To ensure we touch on your topic we ask that you register by February 18th. We will reach out to our 800+ educational clients to invite members of the education community to the roundtable event to share their experience.

We want this roundtable session to be valuable for you. To do that we need to know what you hope to gain from the sessions. Some topics we hear questions about most often include:

  • End User support
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Professional Faculty Development
  • Software Integration
  • Infrastructure Development

Register by February 18th to ensure your topic is covered during the roundtable session.