Monday, February 3, 2014

Google Apps Updates [February] - Send to G+ contacts, track doc changes, new sign-ing

Notable new features include:
  • Reach more people you know - Send email to G+ contacts
  • More easily track document changes - New activity stream in Drive
  • New sign-in page - New sign-on page rolls out
Full release notes below...

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Reach More People You Know

When composing a new email, you'll be able to select G+ users you have in your circles. The feature is turned off by default and can be turned on under the Admin Console under Google Apps > Gmail Settings > End User Settings. If someone from outside your Google Plus circles you will have the option to receive more emails from that person. Emails sent in this way will be filtered to the "Social" tab.

More easily track document changes with the new activity stream

A new activity stream in Google Drive will keep show a rundown of  what your team has been up to, which documents have been edited. If you select a specific document a detailed stream for that document will appear. When you load Drive, click on "Details and activity" at the top right corner to load the stream. 

New sign-in page rolls out

The sign-in page announced last November is now rolling out, you may even be experiencing it. This update transforms the sign-in page to be consistent across all Google Apps services, for all Google Apps customers. Sign-on pages can no longer be customized with colors or a custom logo. Also, users will need to log in with their full email address.