Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chromebooks Update [January 2014]

Notable new features include:
  • Supervised users available to all
  • Tab indicators for sound, webcam and casting
  • Automatically Blocking Malware
Full release notes below...

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Supervised Users now available

A supervised user is a special type of chrome user that can browse the internet with guidance. This is not the same as adding a nother user to the operating system. A supervised users web history is available for review in the supervised users dashboard (

Supervised user managers can:
  • see a user's history
  • block specific sites
  • whitelist (approve) sites
Best used on devices that have a primary user that may be borrowing the device regularly. Like a parent allowing their children to use the device.

Tab indicators for sound, webcam and casting

Playing Music
Using Webcam

Icons in the Chrome browser tab now indicate if you are playing music or using your webcam.

Automatically Blocking Malware

Chrome now automatically blocks malware, an updated from a past release that notified you of sites with malicious software. A message in the tray at the bottom of your screen will alert you that Chrome has protected you and you can click, "Dismiss".