Monday, December 30, 2013

Google Apps Updates [January] - Vault, Takeout, Calendar and hangout updates

Notable new features include:
  • Targeted legal holds - hold individual messages
  • Admin console update - Device Management icon
  • Updates to Calendar - Hangout names & location autocomplete
  • Takeout expanded - emails and events added to Google Takeout
Full release notes below...

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Targeted legal holds in Google Vault

Vault admins now have the ability to put hold on individual messages and not just user accounts. Will launch in January of 2014.


Update to Device management setting in the Admin console

Manage your Chrome devices from the Google Admin console. Google Apps and Chrome for Business admins will see the new Device Management icon. (The mobile management page can still be reached through the old navigation path by clicking Google Apps > Mobile.

Add names to your Google Hangouts

When creating a Google Hangout in Google Calendar events you can now add a name. This makes it easier for guests to join the video call. This is only available to domains that have enabled Google+ Premium Features.


Location Autocomplete in Calendar

Now the 'where' field on Google Calendar events will autocomplete with suggestions from Google Maps, making communicating location more accurate. The 'Map' link in the event will open Google Maps showing the location of the venue.


Gmail and Calendar Support in Takeout

Export emails and calendar events with Google Takeout. Access to Google Takeout can be controlled via the Admin Console.