Friday, November 1, 2013

Google Apps Updates [November] - New Google Bar, Hangouts w/ vault, more

Notable new features include:
  • New Google bar - Easily accessible launcher menu near user icon
  • Hangout For All - Hangouts are now accessible for those with Google Vault
  • Google Docs for those without Google
Full release notes below...

Protect your Google Apps with e-archiving

Archive and retain emails and chats according to your policies, preventing inadvertent deletions.
  • Ensure compliance
  • Be prepared for audits
  • Prevent deletion
  • and more...

New version of the Google bar

To access all of the Google Apps there is now a Google launcher button in the top right near your user icon.


Hangouts for all

Customers using Google Apps Vault can now activate the new Hangouts in the Admin console. You will still have eDiscovery and legal-hold capabilities for your on-the-record/history-on chats, but the retention-purge function will not be available. To agree to the amendment, please log into the Admin console, go to Apps, click on Talk/Hangouts, go to Advanced Settings, and click “Enable Hangouts”.

Google Docs for those without Google

files shared outside your domain to an email address not linked to an existing Google Account can be viewed without having to sign in or create a new Google Account. If a file is shared with edit or comment permissions, the recieving user must still sign in with a Google Account in order to edit or comment on that file.

This change is rolling out slowly to Rapid Release users starting today, once this rollout is complete, we will begin a slow rollout to Scheduled Release domains