Friday, February 8, 2013

Newmind adds to leadership team

Wow. We can’t believe its almost been 10 years since Newmind was first founded in 2003.  In the early days we did simple computer and server maintenance and as we grew, larger and larger companies began to take notice and ask us for help.

Now we are nationwide, 900 customers strong, and bringing new innovations to our friends in education,  winning awards, and setting the standard for our clients on how to execute “smooth and painless” technology upgrades. We’ve also had a lot of fun along the way.

Today we open a new chapter at +Newmind Group as we welcome a friend from the past into the key role of leading our Sales & Marketing that will help us move forward.  +Matthew Vollmar was Newmind employee #3, and along the way he left us to have some new adventures and find his path.   He is now returning to Newmind with the exact skillset, knowledge, and experiences that we need to take our team into the future.

To say we are excited is a massive understatement.  So here is a little Q&A with Matt.  We know you will love him as much as we do.

What did you do at HP?
I was an Account Delivery Manager in the HP Enterprise Services organization.  This means that I managed the day-to-day delivery of the IT Outsourced services for a client, including management of SLAs, Customer Satisfaction, Employee oversight and Finances.

How do you plan on using that experience to move Newmind forward?
Newmind uses technology to make work more productive, profitable, and enjoyable for our customers.  To me, this is the epitome of a great IT Services philosophy, with the focus being on service and the relationship that we build in order to make that service better.  I’ve developed a lot of expertise in lining up IT Services with the expectations of a customer.  Since Newmind’s focus is on customer relationship, I have the opportunity to help grow this unique company so that more customers can benefit from our blend of technical skill and strong customer relationship.

What is your personal philosophy on managing a team?
I was taught from an early age that a true leader is someone who serves those that are being lead.  To me, this means helping others find their groove and increasing their level of awesome.  I like to work with people to move roadblocks out of the way so that they can succeed more and more often.  If my team wins then I win.  It is a humbling but pivotal moment when you realize that the skills and accomplishments of the team outweigh your own as a leader.  My goal is to cast the vision of where we want to go and harness the skills of each individual member of the team to bring that vision to fruition.

Last thing you read?
Since this position offers a lot of new challenges for me in a very practical sense, I’ve been reading some sales and marketing thought-leader blogs.  I’ve also read a couple of Sherlock Holmes stories, the autobiography of Ben Franklin and a book on parenting.

Favorite superhero?
Interesting question.  I love to watch Sci-Fi and Superhero movies but I don’t know that I’ve ever really picked a favorite.  I wasn’t a comic book geek as a kid (my loss).  My favorite image of a hero is Jesus because of his love for people and his example of leading through serving.

You left Newmind, but came back. What do you think has changed more in the hiatus: you or Newmind? explain.
I think both Newmind and I have matured significantly. I’ve transitioned from someone who avoided people-management and was only interested in technical work to discover that my true passion is in leadership.  Newmind has taken a strong leadership in the local entrepreneurial community as well as excelling in the technical fields that they’ve pursued, including developing a strong relationship with Google.  In a sense, both Newmind and I have come into our strength over the last 5-7 years and now we will join forces and become invincible!!!!  Or at least a lot more awesome.