Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Newmind Internships

Gumption. Chutzpah. Call it what you will, but you know that spirit of confidence and adventure? That stuff inside a person that made pioneers move West or caused a man to move out to the woods to live deliberately (that’s not too grandiose, right?). That ingredient in a person that allows them to step outside the confines of the “norm” and purposefully move forward. Yes, THAT. That is the stuff Newmind interns are made of.

Any internship is about experience, and a Newmind internship is no different. With Newmind though, that experience comes with seeing how a successful team operates, working with today’s technology, and cultivating a talent that our interns know they have but aren’t sure how to use. All of these are invaluable to someone starting out or changing paths. The one common thread with some of the past Newmind interns is that the time that they’ve spent in their internship helped them find themselves and their path into the future.

Nicolas Yarosz
Certified Google Apps Trainer
Certified Google Apps Sales Specialist
“[Applying] for the job was a bit of an adventure,” Nicolas, a past Sales intern says. “I knew starting out would be a challenge, but that it would be satisfying because it would be an accelerated learning experience and a safe place to take risks. It was an opportunity to work with a company that would provide me a lot of room to grow, and grow quickly. It was worth the investment of my time.”

What is it about Newmind that makes an internship worthwhile? Apart from getting their hands dirty with technology, the culture is what past interns harken back to. “Each person [in the organization] has a lot of influence, and the group is really a family. The fact that I can make a difference for so many people is rewarding. In so many jobs you don’t see the fruits of your actions and this is really exciting. A collaborative environment, honest communication, honest feedback, honest exchange, the freedom to be myself and for my personality to shine. I don’t need to conform to the man, man,” Logan, a Newmind Tech Intern, laughs. “Newmind trusts their employees. I’m personally responsible for my own space and my own work. I feel like I have ownership of my own position, and having so much personal responsibility can be much harder than just being trained to be a yes man.”

Logan Jensen
Certified Google Apps Trainer
“The culture encourages me to let my personality shine," Nicolas continues. "I’m not thinking in the back of my mind that I’m not saying the right thing in the right way. That makes customers more comfortable because they know they’re talking to a real human being. I’m cared about by my owner and my co-workers. A lot is expected of you, but it’s not a corporate thing, it’s a cultural thing.”

Like a lot of industry internships, the Newmind internships are unpaid for a time. “We begin with a list of clear goals for each intern,” says Daniel Jefferies, founder of Newmind. “As soon as the goals are met, normally within the first 1 to 2 months of part time work, interns start earning a modest hourly wage. Some interns become full time members of the team after their internship is complete”

Our interns agree that what they get out of the experience is worth it. “It wasn’t too exciting to not be paid,” Nicolas says. “It was tough, but it was worth the sacrifice. Interning with Newmind Group provided me with the skills and experience that will always make me a more valuable employee. They have made me valuable to Newmind as well, and prepared me for a real life job. This job forced me to learn how to prioritize and organize well, and that is invaluable in many other areas of my life. What I learned at Newmind as an intern has not only affected my job here, but also how successful I can be in life.”

Newmind is currently accepting applications for internships.
Visit http://www.newmindgroup.com/site/jobs/  for more information.