Monday, March 3, 2014

Google Apps Updates [March 2014] - Cleanup hijacked Chrome extensions

Notable new features include:
  • Search emails by size
  • New Activity Stream in Google Drive
  • Hijacked Extensions - cleaning up bad apples
Full release notes below...

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Search emails by size more easily

The Gmail advanced search box now has an option to search emails by size without the need to use operators like "size:" or "larger:". Click the down arrow in the search box in Gmail to access advanced search options.

More easily track document changes with the new activity stream

A new activity stream in Google Drive will keep show a rundown of  what your team has been up to, which documents have been edited. If you select a specific document a detailed stream for that document will appear. When you load Drive, click on "Details and activity" at the top right corner to load the stream. 

Cleaning out hijacked Chrome extensions

Recently there has been a trend of older chrome extensions being acquired and repackaged & bundled with malicious software that tries to hijack your browser settings. If you have been affected by this just find the "Reset Browser Settings" in Chrome's setting page. This button resets all of your browser settings and disables all of your browser extensions. You can then reactivate your extensions one at a time to find the culprit.