Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Newmind vs. Google: Where should I purchase my Apps?

What's the Difference?

Clients sometimes ask us why they should buy or renew their licenses with Newmind instead of directly from Google? This table below illustrates the advantages of a relationship with Newmind as your Google Partner. You can think of Newmind as that layer of Customer Service for your Google Apps, so it’s kind of like getting two great companies for the price of one.

Where should I buy my Google Apps licenses?

Google Newmind
Google's innovative communication and collaboration tools
Allow Credit Card payments
Allow Check payments
Quick and easy resolution to billing questions maybe every time
Email based ticket support*
Immediate human support*
Able to escalate support requests
Complimentary User Training Live Webinars
Complimentary Office Hours Q&A Sessions
App Integration Advice
App Integration deployment, customization, and training
Email Archiving and Security
Total Cost Per User $50 $50

Google offers automated credit card payments only, whereas with Newmind you can pay and renew with credit card or check. Pay your bill the way your Accounting Department finds most comfortable.

Answers to your questions can be found in forums from time to time, or you can send Google an email and wait. Working with Newmind as your Google Partner allows you to use our connections at Google and "escalate" support requests on your behalf. Newmind also offers enhanced phone support and end user helpdesk support for an additional fee.

Google Apps is an amazing suite of applications that ease communication and collaboration. We adore it and that's why we became a Google Partner. There are two things that Google doesn't do though: Deployments and Training. Newmind offers a variety of training options, so you can choose what's best for your environment and budget: live webinars, on-site training, or eLearning videos and courseware. Even after the deployment is over and you're on your way to becoming an Apps Wizard in your own right, Newmind offers ongoing education for our customers through our training portal. 

Integration Advice
Wondering what Marketplace add-ons would be a good fit for your businesses' need? Just ask. Newmind is happy to provide advice and guidance regarding which additional applications integrate best with Google Apps. We'll also customize, deploy, and train your staff on these applications for an additional fee. 

Google Security and Archiving
You can go to Google directly for security and archiving, but there's a hearty minimum to that order to the tune of $1500. Newmind can offer that same service for organizations with as few as 5 users.