Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chromebooks :: Gen 2 is Here

Like a little brother taking his driver’s exam, Chromebooks are coming of age. When they made their debut last year, there were some naysayers who questioned the usability of a device that merged the OS and thebrowser, but as more and more people have moved their lives to the cloud, the viability of the Chromebook seemed more inevitable.

Schools in particular have been enamored with the ease of fleet management, quick start up, and long battery life of the Chromebook. Corporations have taken notice too of how Chromebooks can be a remedy for a lot of what ails them and cure some of their hardware headaches.

Early adoption can be hard when the innovation is untested in the real world. If you were waiting for some of the Chromebooks kinks to get worked out before you jumped in, mark... set... go...

Google and Samsung paired up again and just released the second generation of Chromebooks. These new devices bear a striking resemblance to their predecessor, but with a nice processor upgrade and 4GB memory upgrade that for you translates into speed. Faster browsing, faster start up, and faster response times.

What else should you expect?

  • better scaling and multi window support
  • app launcher bar with ability to pin apps
  • support to view more file formats
  • Google Drive support
  • Google Docs offline support coming soon!
  • new media player
  • built in photo editor and uploader

In addition to the new Chromebook device, Google and Samsung are also unveiling the Chromebox. The Chromebox is a small and portable pc that can connect to any keyboard, mouse, or monitor. It boasts Bluetooth, 6 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI & DVI output, and 4GB Ram among other goodies.

There are also some changes afoot regarding the pricing structure for the admin panel that will be a nice boon to organizations who manage fleets of Chromebooks.

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